Outfit choice will make or break a photo. We repeat, outfit choice will make or break a photo.

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Outfit Tips

The following tips are things that we recommend to get the most out of your photos. What you wear is completely up to you, but we have provided these tips for your reference.


Do layer

Do wear solids

Do wear neutral colors 

Do choose a top with sleeves

Do choose bottoms that go to at least the knee  

Do keep jewelry simple and minimal

Do wear appropriate sized clothing

Do Not

Do not wear bright colors 

Do not wear polka dots, stripes, or checkered patterns

Do not wear plain white t-shirts

Do not wear baseball caps

Do not wear very tight clothing

Do not wear baggy clothing 

Do not wear clothing with logos, characters, labels, etc

Do not wear sneakers 

Do not wear bright colored socks 


  • Solid and neutral clothing look best in photos. Everyone does not have to wear the same thing; just coordinate with one another. Muted colors and tones look beautiful in photos.

  • Wrinkles can completely ruin a photo. Be sure to iron all pieces of clothing before your session.

  • Shoes matter. Choose shoes that compliment your outfit. Shoe choice can also make or break a great photo. Try to avoid sneakers if possible.

  • Be mindful of your nails. Clean fully polished or fully unpolished nails look best in photos.  

Feel free to send us photos of your clothing options and we would be more than happy to give you some guidance